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Evidence of Effectiveness

Message from Academic Advising

Message from an English Major

"One of my students is in your Interpretation of Lit class and it has really helped her to understand that she has more skills and interest in writing, reading, and speaking than she previously thought. I think because she’s not a native English speaker she has not been encouraged in these areas before. It was delightful to speak with her today and hear that she’s discovered this about herself. I had to share this with you because I once taught ENGL:1200 The Interpretation of Literature and I know that encouraging feedback is helpful and especially at such a busy and potentially stressful time. Your work is transformative and important."

I feel inclined to tell someone when they have made a meaningful impact on my life, and having you as a professor truly did...

The books chosen for us to read were an enjoyable way for the values and beliefs that guide my life to be challenged, and the discussions in class served as a catalyst to my own personal growth (that inevitably rises from being so challenged)...

I think it is even more crucial to have a teacher whose way of being (through teaching) can inspire belief in your abilities to live a life separate from limitation all together. Seeing women move so seamlessly in their authentic success helps cultivate that belief in me. So, I want to express my gratitude and thank you for being such a phenomenal woman and professor.

Recent Student Feedback - Rhetoric

  • Stephanie is a great professor and person. She really cares about your growth as a student, but also your mental health. She made sure to check on us multiple times in the switch to online during corona, and emphasized our well-being over cramming assignments.

  • She is so helpful and gives the best immediate feedback. Hardly any busy-work / time wasted during class. She leads very interesting and engaging discussions.

  • I’m really sad this class is coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed this class, in large part due to my wonderful classmates and teacher. Through this course I think I’ve really grown as a reader, writer, speaker, and community member.

  • I have grown greatly over the course of this semester. I have grown as a person and as a writer. 

  • Overall, this class taught me how significant rhetoric is to our lives. Now anytime I view or read literally anything, I automatically recognize and analyze the rhetoric of it. I think that the most important lesson I’ve learned in this class is how to utilize rhetoric to persuade an audience. That skill will certainly help me in law school, and in my future career. 

  • The past sixteen weeks have been full of countless surprises, but one thing for certain is that I have become a more well-rounded individual from taking this class. Reading and understanding a wide variety of vocabulary has always been my strong suit, but this class taught me to engage in a deeper analysis of any and every work.

  • Rhetoric will deeply impact my academic life moving forward, because it has taught me more about myself and how I can form opinions about an argument by seeing what the rhetorical devices are trying to convey. The knowledge gained from this class also impacts my daily life, in how I respond to differing opinions, in how I formulate thoughts in my head, and in how I view the world around me and embrace the changes that come with life. 

Student Support Letter 1 for Outstanding TA Nomination - Rhetoric

Student Letters 2-4 for Outstanding TA Nomination - Rhetoric

Student Feedback - Literature
  • "I was so nervous before taking Interpretation of Literature because friends whom have previously taken the class told me horror stories of their sections and they did not enjoy it. I am so happy you were the instructor for my section! I cannot relate at all to any of their feelings about Interpretation of Literature! This class was never a class I dreaded coming to, if anything I looked forward to coming! Thank you for this semester and you next class will be lucky to have you as an instructor!"

  • "Stephanie is a great professor that I would definitely take again if given the opportunity. She had a clear love for the material and really encouraged her students to improve their skills. She is a very nice person!!!"

  • "I enjoyed being in this class. Stephanie was very nice and open to everyones opinions and ideas and made me feel very comfortable to share my opinions and thoughts. She helped me improve my writing skills and close reading skills. The activities in this class were all helpful as well. I enjoyed my time in this class and definitely would like others to experience this same class with the same teacher as well."

  • "Oftentimes I feel like literature classes are just reading and writing the same essays at the same skill level. For the first time in a while, I feel like I have taken a class that has truly improved my skills as an analytical writer. This class was taught exceptionally well. I have considered changing my major to english for a while now, and Tsank's exceptional instruction has convinced me to take the leap! I really hope that I get her as an instructor again!!!"

  • "She seems very passionate about her job and truly wants her students to excel!"

  • "I really enjoyed taking this class. Stephanie was an amazing instructor and was always willing to lend her help when we asked. I am glad I took this course and had her as an instructor."

  • "Stephanie is a great teacher who makes learning effective and interesting. She teaches the material well and I have learned a lot from taking her class."

  • "Overall, a really good teacher for freshman to have to help ease their way into college. Is really supportive and helpful. Wish I would've gone into office hours for more help. Books and articles were good choices." 

  • "The course assignments really helped to better my understanding of reading and analyzing material that I may not have understood beforehand."

  • "Good course, challenged me as a student and writer." 

  • "Being a person who prefers numbers over words, I never dreaded coming to this class and enjoyed the atmosphere and the discussions in class."

  • "Enjoyed the instructor's approach and learning objectives. A pleasure to be around."

  • Teacher is well prepared for every class. Has activities that keep the whole class engaged. She is interested and enthusiastic about the material. She is flexible about meeting with students and encourages students to take advantage of her office hours. Provides a lot of feedback to students to let them know what they can do to improve."

  • "The instructor is doing a great job. She inspires me to love literature and I'm getting better at writing. She grades assignments very fast which is extremely helpful for me to keep track with my grades."

  • "I have nothing negative to say. Class is organized and time is well managed. Worthwhile assignments, no busy work, and the the readings are all great."

  • "I really enjoyed this class." 

  • "Great teacher and very helpful." 

  • "Love Stephanie and think she did a great job :)" 

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