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Stephanie has served as food editor at Entropy Magazine since June 2015. The food section enthusiastically publishes anything from cookbook reviews to creative nonfiction food writing. Repeat contributors include Andrea Lambert, Maggie Milstein, Carrie Helms Tippen, Sarah Bronson, Joelle Renstrom, John Boudreau, and Anahí Douglas. 

The food section at Entropy is also proud to feature the Dinnerview series, curated by Danielle Susi, where writers talk about their relationship to food. Authors who have been profiled on Dinnerview include: 

Tyehimba Jess

Michael Martone

Safiya Sinclair

Sam Sax

Franny Choi

Kay Ulanday Barrett 

Alok Vaid-Menon 

Susan Orlean

Stephanie is currently accepting submissions

In the past, Stephanie has served as Managing Editor of the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies and the Editor-in-Chief of Zeteo Journal

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