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2018 - Woodress Scholar Research Grant. The Cather Project. University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

2017 - Ballard Seashore Dissertation Fellowship. Graduate College. University of Iowa. 

2016 - Nomination of Recognition. Craft Culture Critique Conference. University of Iowa. 


2016 - Futures of American Studies Travel Award. Department of English. University of Iowa. 

2015 - Post-Comprehensive Exam Research Award. Graduate College. University of Iowa.

2010 - Burkhardt Honors Award in Literary/Cultural Criticism. Department of Literature. UC – San Diego. 


2019 - The Daily Iowan, “Faculty Who Make a Difference” List.                                                                                           
2017 - W.R. Irwin Teaching Award. Department of English. University of Iowa. 


2015 - Outstanding Teaching Assistant Nominee. Department of Rhetoric. University of Iowa. 


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